Stress Management

Hypnotherapy, particularly Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, is one of the most effective treatments for helping clients with stress management. Combining Hypnosis with established cognitive behavioural techniques provides an effective intervention so you learn how to develop deeply calming relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis and more helpful, realistic ways of thinking.

The British Medical Journal currently recommends Applied Relaxation and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as the two most effective therapies for anxiety. We believe that combining these two therapies with hypnosis makes for a highly effective and pragmatic treatment approach.

Hypnotherapy for Stress management: Treatment overview

In dealing with anxiety or stress you’ll learn a rapid relaxation technique to lower the level of muscle tension and arousal throughout the body and then learn hypnosis and self-hypnosis to deepen relaxation and feelings of confidence. Having learnt and practiced deep relaxation and hypnosis during the subsequent therapy sessions we help you imagine confronting challenging, stressful situations while focusing on relaxing the body more deeply.

You will then be able to imagine yourself behaving more calmly and confidently in those situations – and rehearse positive improvements in your thinking in those situations.

This training reprogram’s the brain and body to remain calm while in the actual challenging situation. This rehearsal, under hypnosis is repeated many times so that new automatic responses are created.

We help you discover the negative and unhelpful thoughts that are operating, usually automatically, in the background and correct those both in discussion and under hypnosis. 

You’ll learn to develop your own inner resources for becoming relaxed and more confident and we work on implanting powerful thoughts of confidence and efficacy at the core of your belief structure.

 How many sessions?

You’ll immediately notice the difference after one treatment – although a course of three to five sessions are usually recommended to deepen your ability to relax and stay calm and ensure that it is a permanent response rather than a temporary fix.

By teaching you relaxation techniques, calm self-confidence and using visualisation exercises whilst under hypnosis you’ll find anxiety and stress related to particular situations is finished – as well as lowering of general anxiety levels and tension in the body.